Hello Friends,

I’m here to say that I know we’re not perfect, and that admission is important. By admitting we are not perfect we can keep working on improving, doing little things and big things to make ourselves better every day. And our promise to you is that as long as we’re here we will continue to do so.

It has come to our attention that there is a pernicious campaign to try and rally people to object to our planning application, it’s a shame the people running this campaign didn’t approach us first to discuss their concerns as we may have been able to work with them. So please if you have any issues or concerns with us then please email [email protected] and let us know so we can try to work with you to improve, we’re really very approachable.

However if you like what we do then we have a favour to ask, please take a few minutes to log in to the BCP planning portal and leave a comment of support (instructions below).

Just to clarify we’re applying for temporary planning permission in order to stay on site until 2027, which will hopefully give BCP Council long enough to decide what to do with the site permanently. We’re not expanding our existing offer in this application, and everything is exactly as it is now and has been for the past 2 summers.

We are continuing to work on noise solutions ahead of this summer to ensure the area remains peaceful and idyllic, whilst we still hope to maintain our core events that have given a good time to so many.

We try to ensure there are facilities for all at SOBO Beach, from Dog Walkers to Sea Swimmers; we’ve thrown some amazing parties but also held Silent Yoga and Meditation sessions. We don’t do late nights (9.30pm at the latest) but have found Saturday morning Breakfast Clubs or our Sunday afternoon Sunday Sessions have created a family friendly chance for those that want to party to get their glad rags on and shake it in the sun.

We serve proper barista coffee, freshly cooked food, a premium selection of drinks, ice creams and more, unlike a lot of the beach front tourist traps towards Bournemouth, because we know that it’s the Southbourne community that we want to attract, who are a discerning bunch that are spoilt for choice on the Grove already.

So please, we love being here at SOBO Beach, and it would be a shame to see the site sit desolate if planning is rejected (there is no plan B on the table). It’s always easy to garner objections, but getting people to actually sit down and submit a letter of support is never so simple, so I urge you if you can spare a few minutes to support us we will continue to work to be better every day, and continue to serve the local community in every way possible.

Step 1: visit www.bcpcouncil.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/search-and-comment-on-planning-applications (or google ‘BCP planning’ if you’re like me and hate typing out long web addresses)

Step 2: click on “Search for Planning Applications In Bournemouth”

Step 3: click “Accept” on the disclaimer page

Step 4: Enter 1696 in the “application number” box and click search

Step 5: the top result should be ours click on 7-2023-1696-L

Step 6: click “comment” on the left of the page and this will take you through to the submission page, write what you feel and submit, and a big genuine Thank You from us for taking the time to do so.

Step 7: turn off the computer and come down to SOBO Beach where the air is pure and life is sweet.