SOBO Feedback

We’ve had a fantastic time at SOBO Beach so far, and really appreciate the way the SOBO community has taken us to its heart so readily. We see SOBO Beach as the best part of Bournemouth Beach for the local residents to enjoy away from the tourist crowds, and have tried to create a site that can be enjoyed by the local community all year.

Our aim is to open a public consultation to find out what the public think of us so far, and what we can improve about the current set-up.

    Yes, regularly right until it closedYes, infrequentlyNot for a long timeNever

    SOBO BeachBistro on the BeachNeither, I like both equallyNeither, not a fan of either

    Yes, all the time, we love itWe’ve been repeatedly and would returnYes, but I’m in no hurry to returnNever, but really want toNever, it’s not my sort of place at all

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