Sleepout at SoBo Beach

Sleepout at SoBo Beach


Sleep Out is a fundraising challenge that doesn’t replicate what it’s like to sleep rough, but gives an idea of the situation a lot of young people find themselves in, while also supporting those who face this as a reality.

So, for one night, give up the luxury of your bed and swap it for a sleeping bag on the floor. As well as being a challenge, it is a great way to understand some of the realities that homeless young people face, while also raising money and awareness to help Centrepoint end youth homelessness.

We can accommodate a maximum of 40 Sleepers so we need everyone to aim for at least £250 in sponsorship – 25 friends sponsoring you for £10 each? Sounds pretty reasonable?

Thanks to Rich and the SOBO Beach team for so generously offering to host this event.

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