Burnt Chef Hospitality Meet Up 1 july

Burnt Chef Hospitality Meet Up 1 july

Do you work in hospitality? Want to meet new people? Ever heard of the benefits of a cold water swim?
Well, then dive into wellness: join us for Cold Water swims, coffee, and conversation at Sobo Beach Club!

Bournemouth, birthplace of The Burnt Chef Project over four years ago, is hosting our first regular meet up with the hospitality community. The premise is simple: a regular, inclusive gathering that doesn’t involve drinking, late nights, or a lot of money.

Our three Bournemouth residents Mica, James, and Shell have been enjoying cold swimming and decided it would be the perfect activity for our meet up.  It’s not like cold water is in short supply in Bournemouth!

We will be meeting at Sobo Beach starting June 3rd for early morning sea swims followed by coffee, conversations, and cake on the terrace.

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